Photocrati Acquires NextGEN Gallery


We're excited to announce that Photocrati Media has acquired the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin! Photocrati is the company behind one of the most popular WordPress themes for photographers, and the acquisition is part of our effort to consolidate and integrate some of the best WordPress solutions for photographers under one roof.

As most people in the WordPress community know, NextGEN Gallery was created and developed by Alex Rabe. Over the last five years, Alex has built NextGEN into the dominant image gallery plugin for WordPress. In March of this year, NextGEN Gallery surpassed 5 million downloads, which makes it one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever.

Photocrati plans to continue that legacy.

Plans: Improving NextGEN Gallery's Core Functionality and Interface

First and foremost, we're committed to the continued development of NextGEN Gallery as a free GPL plugin and the most popular gallery plugin for WordPress. We'll look forward to contributing to the WordPress community by constantly improving one of its most popular plugins. In our first major update coming late this year, we are:

  • Improving and streamlining the existing back-end interface
  • Adding an interface to create and manage galleries directly from posts and pages
  • Making a range of smaller fixes and security patches

Plans: Building a Stronger Relationship with the NextGEN Community

Second, we look forward to building a relationship with the awesome community of NextGEN users and developers. NextGEN's active user base is several hundred thousand strong, and there is a great group of developers who have contributed to and launched extension plugins for NextGEN. We'd like to build a stronger sense of community and interaction around the plugin, both with users and the developer community.

If you're a NextGEN user or a developer with an interest in NextGEN, please consider following NextGEN on Twitter or getting on the email list to receive NextGEN updates. We'll also be looking to established relationships with beta testers and contributors, so you can contact us if you are interested in contributing that way as well.


Plans: Launching NextGEN Pro, a Premium Extension with Ecommerce

Third, later this year we'll be launching a premium upgrade for NextGEN, called NextGEN Pro. NextGEN Pro will offer a range of more beautiful new gallery display styles as well as fully-featured ecommerce functionality. Some of our plans for NextGEN Pro include:

  • Alternative slideshow displays
  • Alternative filmstrip displays
  • Alternative thumbnail displays
  • Caption and filmstrip skins to adjust styling
  • Fully-featured ecommerce for all gallery types and including print and price options, digital downloads, and shopping cart and Paypal integration

In addition to our immediate plans, we're developing both NextGEN and NextGEN Pro so they they'll provide powerful platforms for future expansion and features.

Plans: Integrating NextGEN and NextGEN Pro with the Photocrati WordPress Theme

We'll also be merging NextGEN and NextGEN Pro into the popular Photocrati WordPress theme. So Photocrati users will have all the functionality of these plugins seamlessly available in the Photocrati theme, without losing any of the options or gallery displays currently available.

Hiring: We're Building a Great Team

Finally, we know there are a ton of great developers and WordPress enthusiasts within the NextGEN community. We want to announce that we'll be hiring for various positions over the next 6 months, including Software Engineers, a Systems Administrator, a Webmaster, and Happiness Engineers. If you are interested in any of those positions check out our jobs page or contact us via our contact page.

We'll have more big news soon. Stay informed by following us on Twitter or signing up for NextGEN updates via email.



  1. SocialJeev says

    Glad to hear the news.

    Am curious to know if the plugin be still available for download freely and at WP official plugin repository. I don’t quite understand the term ” Acquisition ” of this GPL licensed plugin . What does it mean? Doesn’t be GPL in future?


    • NextGEN Gallery says

      We’ll certainly maintain it as GPL! It will just be better supported. As for acquiring a GPL plugin, while the code is GPL, there’s more than just the code, including things like the brand and user base rights to update the plugin code going forward, etc.

  2. says

    Great news if it stays free of any charge to use!

    I always wanted to have more EXIF data pulled out of an photo, maybe this is something you would like to add?

    • Scott says

      Thanks, and yes it will be free with an optional paid upgrade (eventually)

      I can add full EXIF as a feature request.


  3. says

    Hiya Scott and team and congrats on the new acquisition..

    would like to ask and hopefully this can be possible a bread crum trail for navigating through the galleries/albums.. this girl has done it

    BUT I have no idea when it comes to coding to be able to customize it – I’m a complete newbie and have only been in the blogging world 2 months and thats been time spent trying to learn everything about HTML, PHP and CSS and getting my site up and running… WOULD LOVE IT – if you guys did this!!!

    Is it something that could be considered???



  4. Scott says

    I am so happy that this project has been rejuvenated! There is a great future ahead for this plugin.

    Can you please add gallery specific tagclouds to the wish list of features?

    Thanks so much and good luck


    • Scott says

      Another feature that needs to be officially integrated is the NGG search engine. Thanks again for picking up this great product.

    • Scott says

      Hi Scott, I can submit that for feature requests, but Tag Clouds aren’t that great for SEO purposes so I am not sure how popular that request will be.

      • Scott says

        Bad for SEO = Bad for me and everyone else… :) Scratch the tagcloud suggestion, but the search engine feature is awesome. I am using the cobbled together one currently and it works great for my needs.

  5. says

    Scotty!!!! Guess what I figured it out!

    Please could you leave this post up if possible for others to see as its a major plus now for NextGen Gallery and whenever I see people ask the question I’m going to try and help them!

    I used Yoast breadcrumbs in conjunction with NextGen Gallery

    To make it work I selected my page.php and duplicated it to create a page_gallery.php that I would use for my NextGen Gallery pages.

    Then I inserted the breadcrumb code where I wanted it to appear and then made whatever changes I wanted to the breadcrumb design through the toolbar settings with Yoast.

    Now I changed all my NextGen Gallery pages to the New Template page design and TA DAH!!!! IT WORKED !!!

    I’m sorry I’m so excited about this but its so simple and obvious now that I know what I have done its just I’m a complete Newbie to PHP, HTML and CSS and I have done my website all by myself and I am soo proud LOL!!!

    ANYWAYS!!! take a look here and click on the gallery menu – there you can see the breadcrumb in action only on PAGES created for my NextGen Gallery and not EVERY Page created!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE NextGen Gallery it makes my life sooo much easier…!!

    (PS my website doesnt open til July 1st so please ignore incomplete items)


    • Andy K says

      I was just trying to work out how to get breadcrumbs working and found this post so thanks for that. I’m a bit stuck though – I’m using the Photocrati theme with NextGEN gallery and have the code from Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin but not sure of the correct page to put it in. Should I copy the page.php in the Photocrati theme and use that?

  6. JLG says

    Great- really!
    However… I am in the middle of trying to install/customize this and 80% of the documentation/example links and info I find are now broken since they were on the original developer’s website – and all I get is your announcement homepage. It has been super-frustrating, as you can imagine! Could you *please* make that info available again?

  7. says

    There’s a conflict between Contact Form 7 and NextGEN Gallery, so that images will not upload when Contact Form 7 is activated. This is affecting a lot of people, judging by comments over in the WordPress support forums. I thought I had the problem fixed via my host (before knowing about this conflict) but today NO images would upload unless I turned of CF7. Shouldn’t have to turn off one plugin to get another one to work. (and all versions, including WP, are current.) Please make this a quick fix. You’d make a lot of people really happy. Thanks and looking forward to what else you folks cook up!

  8. says

    NGG ist a great gallery and it’s great to hear that there will be both a free and premium version. Plugins like Gravity Forms and WPML have proven that having a premium plugin is worth more than using a free plugin with only one person to support it.

  9. says

    So when you intergrate NextGen with the Photocrati theme, does that mean everybody using the plugin has to use your theme to get full functionality or at all? I’ve extensibly customized NextGen (check my site) and it would suck if I can no longer or make it very difficult to integrate my customizations in future releases. Hope you gain users instead of lose them.

    • Scott says

      Hi George,

      The integration is more on the Photocrati side. The plugin will still work on any WordPress theme.

  10. Phil says

    Hi, congrats and looking forward to see how development continues. Is there an “X” button feature planned? Some users have told me they get confused by having to click the image in a gallery slideshow to close it, that they are used to seeing an “X” to close.

  11. GK says

    Will it be possible to properly center the block of gallery thumbnails?*
    This seems to be currently impossible with NGG 1.9.3
    So far NGG has been a waste of time for me, yes, I can set it up, it sort of works, but if you can’t center a block of thumbnails because its outside the scope of the code… that’s lame.

    *Not individual thumbnails or the the slideshow–I mean the ENTIRE block of thumbnail images.

      • GK says

        “We are looking into the centering issue”

        I hope so. I definitely would have been more hopeful if you have wrote that it would “be taken care of”.

        • Scott says

          We know the issue is there, as well as others – we are going step by step in what is most priority to be fixed for users. It is going to be fixed, just no ETA

  12. says

    This is awesome to read, especially about the ecommerce integration, because I haven’t been able to incorporate NextGen on a few sites because of the inability to place simple PayPal code under each image. Looking forward to all of your changes!

  13. says

    Another thing that desperately needs to be fixed is the Sort Gallery tool. I just uploaded 5 new galleries of images today, each well over 100 images, and they are all uploaded in random order (coming from perfect order off my HD). Sort gallery does NOTHING to fix that which means I get to spend all night rearranging them manually, a massive waste of time. The sort tool works sometimes but not always, and sometimes just is not good enough when working with any volume of images, especially since it is not an easy drag and drop, not precisely managed.

    Thanks and hoping to see some of these bug fixes SOON.

  14. buzztone says

    An interesting discussion has started in the WordPress LinkedIn Group on “Image and media handling in WordPress”. Improvements in NextGEN gets a mention as a possible solution to some of the current issues.

    Personally I’ve used NextGen a lot but never liked doing so (the best of a bad bunch in my view). I am really keen to see what you guys do with NextGen. It certainly seems to be an area in WordPress that is ripe for a bit of premium development.

  15. Rufus says

    Can we see Social integration with the gallery? We need a Facebook like button for individual images.

  16. says

    Please take great care of the great legacy that Alexs has give to the wordpress community. I’ve used the plug-in for a long time and the support Alex has given to me, and others, is second to none. It would be a pity to see one of the best wordpress plug-ins turn into an advert ridden bloatware unless you buy the pro versions.

    • Scott says

      The premium version coming in the future, will be optional so no worries there. The free version will continue having news like it does now. We do not plan on making it ugly with ads and such.

  17. says

    One thought on the eCommerce integration. Rather than completely reinventing that wheel, it might be better for y’all to look at providing seamless integration with one of the powerful eCommerce solutions already available like WooCommerce. It would be shorter development time for you, and result in a more capable overall solution. Plus, choosing to work with an established eCommerce plugin would combine two enthusiastic communities which would be better for both brands.

  18. Bachsau says

    Yeah, can’t wait to pay for NextGENGallery and every new feature as “pro”. Thanks for making this a commercial plugin. :(

    Maybe it’s time to change…

    • Scott says

      The premium version will be optional. The free version will remain the way it is now, with bug fixes, styling fixes, etc. We will never force people to pay.

  19. says

    It would be AWESOME if you all could fix a few of the issues I’ve reported.. among them:
    Empty widget title still displays the widget title –

    Singlepic width & height doesn’t work –

    and finally.. I created this post:
    Tip: How to center the FLASH slideshow and gallery thumbnails –

    It would be REALLY great if centering slideshows, thumbnails was EASY to configure via the stylesheet or admin control or something.. Right now it is a mess of inconsistent, unknown processes and procedures. It feels as if only those with VIP tickets can get behind the velvet curtain to see how it works (since it often doesn’t work the way it SHOULD).. This would eliminate the need for threads like the one I created to have to exist at all.. :)

    • Scott says

      All common bugs are being addressed, but we can only do so much at once. Thank you for your patience.

      • says

        I am patiently waiting.. **giggle** Now that there’s a new sheriff in town, (and it looks like you guys are on top of/care about some of these little annoying niggles) I wanted to get all my concerns on the table.. **smile**

        Seriously, NextGen is bitchin’ and mostly just works with no real issues.. However the formatting stuff is a BIG deal for a lot of us since the hoops/workarounds one must go through to make even the simplest of style layout change is a bit challenging. Centering NextGen galleries, thumbnails, slideshows, etc for example shouldn’t be that hard. In addition to fixing the code to support CSS properly (without requiring stupid CSS and/or core code hacks) having perhaps even having user guides for how to do this would be a HUGE help.

        Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this awesome plugin!!

        • Scott says

          We know styling is a big deal and completely agree. However, fixing the bugs that do exist (that can cause major problems) are the first priorities. With 3.4 million downloads, bugs shouldn’t exist, so we are going to do everything we can to iron those out first.

  20. Seán says

    Hi, I am in the middle of developing a wordpress based site and want to use nextgen for albums and galleries, however, due to your takeover, will nextgen’s free version be “branded” with i.e. nextgen logos, and or links, etc. which will require buying nextgen pro to remove?

    • Scott says

      Nope, we wouldn’t do that to users. There will be a place in the admin section with details on the premium version (eventually), but that’s about it. We would never force people to go premium.

  21. Sooraj says

    When I read “acquires/acquired/acquisition”, the cloud around my head shows $$$.

    So, my question is… For how much? :D

  22. Kevin says

    What are the implications for developers of plugins for the NextGEN Gallery?

    Should I just give up development?!?!?

    • Scott says

      Hey Kevin,

      There will still be ability for developers to create extensions. We have a developer list that you can subscribe to so you’re first to hear about important changes.

  23. Colleen says

    Can’t wait to start seeing some of the changes that you have in store for all of the NextGen Gallery users out there.! Congrats!

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