Finding NextGEN Gallery Plugin Add-ons


Are you on the hunt for NextGEN Gallery plugin add-ons?  Then you’re in the right place.

When it comes to WordPress plugins, there are two form.  Free and premium (or paid).

Free NextGEN Gallery Plugin Add-ons

To find free NextGEN Gallery Plugin Add-ons, first visit the WordPress plugin directory.  Once there, you can do a search for keywords, like NextGEN.  This will bring up a list of all the free plugins that add functionality to the NextGEN Gallery plugin.


As I write this, there are 17 pages of plugins having to do with the keyword, NextGEN.  That’s 133 plugins!

Premium NextGEN Gallery Plugin Add-ons

There are also a variety of premium (or paid) NextGEN Gallery plugin add-ons.  They can be found by using Google and doing a bunch of keyword searches, or heading over to CodeCanyon and doing a search for NextGEN.  There are not as many premium add-ons as there are free ones.


As I write this, there are 7 premium add-ons, but they’re well worth checking out.

What Are You Adding?

Are you using add-ons with your site?  Comment below and share which you like the most.

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  1. Damn, I see that Social Gallery doesn’t show up on Code Canyon for a NextGen search, but it definitely works well and should be up there!

    Social Gallery adds “facebook-style” commenting and sharing to your galleries, check it out!:

    • Hey Woody,

      We plan on eventually putting our own directory together for the website, so your add-on will definitely be there. In the meantime, if you add NextGEN Gallery to your keywords/tags on your listing, then it should show up :-)

  2. I agree with Woody I think Social Gallery is a great plugin, I’ve used it on sites with and without NextGEN.

    NextGEN is cool but with the social add on it becomes ice colddd

    I like it so much that I’m actually dissapointed when I come across a blog with just the standard lightbox.

  3. Great, thanks Scott and Cheers Mike!

    When I update Social Gallery next week I will update the tags to include NextGen!

  4. Are you still going to implement gallery-specific tag clouds? I know some dudes that would love that feature.

  5. I just installed the nextgen plugin for WP, but am not finding the function I need.
    Is it possible to click on a thumb in the gallery and have it link to another post or page. If so, how do I accomplish that?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  6. I just started my website with WP using the the NextGen Gallery plug-in and thought using the image browser mode i would have small thumbnail views to scroll through to be able to activate the larger image, is this possible?

  7. Hi, any plans of adding an option to make the gallery in photocrati theme fullscreen?


  8. I am looking for a plugin that will provide search functionality to find images based on tags. There has to be one out there for this plugin!! I can’t find anything.

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