NextGEN Gallery Latest Beta

Download latest beta below. Or download the official version from

nextgen-betaThis page makes available our latest beta version in between official releases.

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A MILDLY TESTED BETA: This is a beta, which means we haven't fully tested it. We know it fix certain issues, but it may introduce some others. You should only update to the beta version if you are comfortable manually updating and managing your site via FTP.

ISSUES WITH THE BETAS? If you have problems after updating to the latest beta, you can always roll back to an earlier version. Again, don't uninstall. See our rollback guide. We would also appreciate if you would submit a bug report.

UPDATING FROM BETAS TO FINAL RELEASE: We are numbering/versioning these betas so that if you install them, when we do finally push out a public release, you'll be able to auto-update from your WordPress dashboard like normal.

WHAT'S FIXED? Here is a list of fixes included latest beta that are not in the latest public official release. Again, to see what was included in other recent releases, see our blog announcements for the latest official release.

= V2.0.92 - 05.13.2015 =
* NEW: Album breadcrumbs and pagination
* NEW: Ability to override builtin MVC templates
* NEW: Robust transient management
* NEW: Added the ability to set post thumbnails via XML-RPC module
* NEW: Added 'ngg_get_image_size_params' filter to control image generation
* NEW: Added 'ngg_basic_tagcloud_title' and 'ngg_basic_tagcloud_excluded_display_types' filters
* NEW: Added ngg_manage_images_items_per_page filter
* NEW: Added "ngg_get_image_url" filter
* NEW: Including Ukranian and Polish translations
* NEW: The ability to set template in widgets
* Changed: Default thumbnail dimensions set to 240x160
* Changed: Product now adheres to Pope 0.12 and provides get_modules_to_load()
* Changed: Updated translations
* Changed: Removed link to capsman plugin in Roles accordion
* Changed: Taxnomies now use internationalized strings
* Changed: Image date/time meta data fields are stored as UNIX timestamps
* Fixed: Various PHP warnings and notices
* Fixed: Compatibility fixes for WPML
* Fixed: Ensure that backup image functionality fails gracefully
* Fixed: WP option 'ngg_do_upgrade' updated in every HTTP request
* Fixed; Empty $_SERVER['PATHINFO'] causing multiple routing issues
* Fixed: "Manage Galleries" display image alttext in the filename column
* Fixed: Various issues with the tag cloud display type
* Fixed: Integrity check when updating from 1.9.x
* Fixed: Image filenames substituting spaces for + which is only proper in the query string
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window not working with nested levels of gzip compression
* Fixed: Imagebrowser as lightbox effect not working with pagination
* Fixed: Compatibility with MultiVerso Advanced File Sharing
* Fixed: "Add page" button not displaying on the next immediate page load
* Fixed: Double-escaping of non-latin characters
* Fixed: Imagebrowser pagination with custom templates
* Fixed: Custom CSS is enqueued late to ensure it's one of the last stylesheets loaded
* Fixed: Fixed watermarking PNG images
* Fixed: Using the "Import Metadata" bulk action overwrites existing data
* Fixed: Seconds were not retained from CaptureTime EXIF field
* Fixed: Conflicts created by our TinyMCE plugin
* Fixed: Image mapper setting gid to gallery name, not the unique ID
* Fixed: Restored nggdb->get_random_images(), nggdb->search_for_file, and nggdb->find_all_albums()
* Fixed: Allow gallery slug as parameter to nggdb::get_gallery()
* Fixed: Don't minify Plupload's i18n JavaScript
* Fixed: Custom template images not being given their full effect code attributes
* Fixed: When importing galleries from folders, allow symlinks
* Fixed: Use of C_Gallery_Mapper in C_Image_Wrapper
* Fixed: Properly handle themes that don't call wp_footer() or wp_print_footer_scripts()
* Fixed: Warning about missing style.php file on Network Admin -> Gallery page
* Fixed: Warning about getimagesize() failure when backing up an image

We recommend that you do a FULL backup of your site, database and server files before installing the beta.

HOW TO INSTALL? To install this beta:

  1. Download the latest beta and unzip it on your computer. You'll get a nextgen-gallery folder.
  2. Deactivate NextGEN Gallery on your website (again, don't uninstall, just deactivate please).
  3. Connect to your site via FTP (we suggest using Filezilla), and navigate to /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery
  4. Upload the new files from the nextgen-gallery folder on your computer (left-local) to the nextgen-gallery folder on your website (right-remote). If prompted, overwrite the existing files.
  5. Once the upload is complete, reactivate NextGEN Gallery.

We Strongly Recommend Running Betas On Test/Staging Sites Only - NOT Live Sites