NextGEN Gallery Features

Upload Galleries

  • NextGEN Galleries offers diverse and powerful functionality for getting images from your desktop to your website. You can easily upload batches of images via a standard WordPress-style uploader, or upload images via zip file or FTP. NextGEN will automatically import your images' meta data.

Manage Galleries

  • Centralized gallery management. Enjoy a single location where you can see and manage all your galleries.
  • Edit galleries. Add or exclude images, change gallery title and description, reorder of images, resize thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail Management. Turn thumbnail cropping on off, customize how individual thumbnails are cropped, and bulk resize thumbnails across one more galleries.
  • Edit Individual Images. Edit meta data and image tags, rotate images, exclude images.
  • Watermarks. Quickly add watermarks to batches or galleries of images.
  • Albums. Create and organize collections of galleries ("albums"), and display them in either compact or extended format.

Display Galleries

  • Two Gallery Types. Choose between two main display styles: Slideshow and Thumbnail, and allow visitors to toggle between the two.
  • Slideshow Galleries. Choose from a vast array of options for slideshows, including slideshow size, transition style, speed, image order, optional navigation bar.
  • Thumbnail Galleries. Choose from a wide range of options to customize thumbnail galleries, including 5 different lightboxs for individual images, optional thumbnails cropping and editing, thumbnail styles, captions, and more.
  • Single Image Displays. Display and format single images.

Work with Options Panel or ShortCodes

  • Most NextGEN Gallery options can be adjusted using our easy options panel. For those who want more advanced or specific functionality, we've also created an extensive array of shortcode options. These shortcodes can be inserted into any page or blog post to influence display options. Here's a list of many of our shortcodes to give you a sense for what's possible:


List of Short Codes

Use Image Tags to Create Galleries/Albums
[ nggtags album=WordPress,Cologne,Ireland ]
Display Captions in Thumbnail Galleries
[ nggallery id=1 template=caption ]
Basic Filmstrip Galleries
[ nggallery id=2 template=carousel images=7 ]
Template Engine for Gallery Types
[ nggallery id=1 template=sample1 ]
[ nggallery id=1 template=sample2 ]
[ nggallery id=1 template=sample3 ]
[ nggallery id=1 template=sample4 ]
[ nggallery id=1 template=sample5 ]
[ nggallery id=1 template=sample6 ]
Display Exif Data
[ imagebrowser id=28 template=exif ]
Sort Images in a Gallery Based on Their Tags
[ nggtags gallery=cologne,wordpress,.. ]
Integration with Third Party Plugins
[ monoslideshow id=1 w=450 h=350 ]
[ nggallery id=1 template=galleryview images=0 ]
[ media id=6 width=320 height=240 plugins=revolt-1 ]
[ media id=3 width=320 height=240 plugins=rateit-2 ]
Add Tag Clouds
[ tagcloud]
Single Pic Options
[ singlepic id=x w=width h=height mode=web20|watermark float=left|right ]