How To Display Galleries Based on Tags

TAGS are a powerful feature of NextGEN that many users overlook. You can add tags to any image individually, bulk edit/delete/change tags, and dynamically display both galleries and albums based on tags. When you specify a gallery or album based on tags, NextGEN will look for any image in any gallery that has the specified tag and pull it into a new, dynamically displayed gallery.

Adding and Editing Tags

FROM THE MANAGE GALLERY INTERFACE. The main place to add image tags is the Manage Gallery page. Along with other meta data like title and caption, you can add tags for any image separated by commas.


FROM THE MANAGE TAGS PAGE. Once you have a large quantity of tags, you can bulk edit your tags from the Manage Tags page. Select any tag and delete it or change it. This can provide an efficient way to manage large quantities of tags and images.


Displaying Images Based on Tags

DISPLAYING GALLERIES BASED ON TAGS. You can use tags to dynamically generate galleries.

In Legacy versions of NextGEN Gallery (v1.9.13 and older) this functionality is only available through use of shortcodes, but starting with NextGEN 2.0, you will be able to do this easy from the new Attach to Post interface (ATP).

To display a gallery based on tags, use the following shortcode format: [ nggtags gallery=landscape,blue] without spaces before/after brackets. NextGEN will pull all images, from any galleries, that have those tags. Based on our demo galleries, the above short code would display the following:


Through the ATP, click on the add gallery icon:



A pop up window will appear where you can manage your tags, and display a tagcloud gallery. Click on the gallery type you want your gallery (based on tags) to display as:


Next, under ‘What would you like to display?’ select ‘Tags’ in the drop-down, and then click once in the text box next to the word tags and select the tags you want included in your gallery:


DISPLAYING ALBUMS BASED ON TAGS. You can generate an album based on tags. In other words, you specify a list of image tags, and NextGEN will dynamically generate galleries based on those image tags and list them in an album. This functionality is only supported for Compact View albums. As an example below, we’ve used [ nggtags album=blue,red,green ] Note: without the spaces inside the brackets.  When you click on any gallery, it will dynamically load a gallery of images with those tags on the same page. The above shortcode displays the following based on our demo galleries:

DISPLAYING TAG CLOUDS. You can also display tag cloud. Clicking on any tag will dynamically generate a gallery with any images that include the specified tag. Use the following shortcode in any post/page/widget: [ tagcloud ] without spaces before/after brackets.


As of v2.0, you can also add a TagCloud gallery through the Attach to Post interface (ATP). Click on the Add Gallery, ATP icon in your text-edit toolbar:


A pop-up window will appear where you can manage your tags and add your TagCloud gallery: